All of your e‑commerce SaaS data in one place.

​Aloi connects your e-commerce tech stack, so you don’t have to.

Design the SaaS playbook that fits your business.

Build your perfect digital experience using best of breed SaaS solutions.

​“​By 2023, 15% of medium- to high-GMV digital commerce organizations will have deployed their own marketplaces, thereby creating a digital ecosystem on their path to digital business.”

​Gartner Report 
​Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce

We are the e‑commerce connective tissue for your SaaS ecosystem.

​​Aloi gives you a single point of control across your cloud tech stack in order to query, connect, and integrate data seamlessly.

​Get the most out of your SaaS solutions. Connected.

Endless Customization

Define your requirements first and let aloi help you connect your apps in a way that makes sense.

​Limitless Extensibility

​Add new SaaS apps or modify the use of existing apps in your playbook at any time to achieve your growth goals.

​Bird’s Eye Data Visibility

​Harness the power of your data in a view that unifies all of your SaaS data traffic in one place.

We help you to connect your e‑commerce SaaS apps in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

​We’ll give you the tools you want and the support you need to get connected.

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