​Your Serverless GraphQL Gateway

Connect and explore all of your SaaS and cloud-based applications using GraphQL queries.

​We wrap your REST APIs with a GraphQL interface that allows you to query, integrate, and visualize your data across an endless number of endpoints.

​All of your API Data. One interface.

​Aloi’s GraphQL interface allows you to connect applications by invoking APIs through GraphQL Queries.

​What if integrating your SaaS applications was as easy as writing a query?

​With Aloi's command line tools, it's possible.

​Connect your REST APIs using GraphQL queries to map and transform your data between applications.

​Companies of all sizes build, deploy, host, and manage their integrations securely and scabably on Aloi.

End-to-end Integration Management

All in one place. Manage your connector life cycle securely and scabably on aloi.io

Developer Interface

​Uniform Interface

​Invoke APIs and transform requests/responses through GraphQL

API Integrations Search

​Reusable Starting Points

​Find popular, open source API integrations that you can modify and reuse

API authentication


​Secure any API using common authentication mechanisms

API testing

​Secure Credentials Management

​Invoke any API using common authentication mechanisms

API enpoints

​Application-Specific Endpoints

​Publish endpoints tailored to each specific application’s incoming API calls (including webhooks and callbacks)

​Let’s build smarter API integrations.

​Aloi is a software integration platform for developers to integrate the world’s software.

​Create a free account, build reliable software Connectors powered by Aloi’s GraphQL framework, share your work with other developers, and never start from scratch again! Publish and host Connectors on Aloi.io