Connectivity is business critical to your retail experience.

Aloi provides you with a platform to connect

software in any way you’d like.

Ecommerce API connection

We know the pain of integrating dozens of software services for a single transaction.

Whether it be core services like order management or experience enhancements like AI, centralize and simplify your software ecosystem.

Build the most seamless retail experience imaginable with Aloi.

​Get from product requirements to deployment faster.  Aloi has shortened the integrations process from weeks to hours.

Seamless Retail Experience Ecommerce API

Focus on what matters in your business.



Find new revenue opportunities by expanding reach to your existing customers, new buyers, and new channels.



Adapt quickly to what’s working and what’s not. Follow market opportunities as they present themselves with no opportunity cost.

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

The path to acquire, engage, and retain customers is increasingly complex. Maintain the visibility you need across all channels.

Innovate new connectors.
And deploy them fast.

Expand your inventory

Onboard sellers and expand your inventory in minutes by integrating your ecommerce with a marketplace technology like Mirakl.

Expand your inventory - Ecommerce API

Implement AI

Create a smarter shopping experience using artificial intelligence software like Rasa through your chat mechanisms.

Implement AI

Expand Internationally

Create a multilingual checkout process by integrating your ecommerce platform with a machine translation environment like SDL.

Expand Internationally

Let's build smarter API integrations.

Aloi is a software integration platform for developers to integrate the world's software.

Create a free account, build reliable software Connectors powered by Aloi's GraphQL framework, share your work with other developers, and never start from scratch again! Publish and host Connectors on

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We combine all of these solutions on one platform to help you connect software in ways you hadn't thought of before.

We'll give you the tools you want and the support you need to get connected.