Build, Test, and Deploy API Integrations Faster.

1 Define your API Endpoints

Provide Aloi with the applicable endpoints and API spec detail required to call the APIs.

Once the endpoints are connected to Aloi, the shell of your connector has been created.

2 Invoke and map data through GraphQL

Transform the request and response data using GraphQL queries.

Invoke your target endpoints through GraphQL queries.

3 Deploy your APIs.

Save and publish the query files to be deployed within the connector.

The outcome is a scalable end-to-end software integration deployed on Aloi.

Let's build smarter API integrations.

Aloi is a software integration platform for developers to integrate the world's software.

Create a free account, build reliable software Connectors powered by Aloi's GraphQL framework, share your work with other developers, and never start from scratch again! Publish and host Connectors on

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