​Your entire marketplace ecosystem in one playbook.

​Create a marketplace in no time using Mirakl, Shopify, and any other apps you need to power your growth.

​Build a marketplace using best of breed SaaS solutions.

Aloi’s pre-built Marketplace Playbook integrates your entire ​product lifecycle while providing the visibility to effectively manage your marketplace.

​Build your perfect marketplace experience. We’ll connect it.

Data Visibility

We expose your data across all of your connected applications. This not only facilitates the movement of your data, but also your ability to access it.

Seamless Integration

We have already connected the dots to provide you with an end-to-end marketplace solution. Simply turn it on, configure to your business, and start selling.


Our Playbook is fully customizable to match your business needs. Easily add or change applications in your Playbook to optimize your marketplace experience.

We help you to connect your e‑commerce SaaS apps in ways you hadn’t thought of before.

​​We’ll give you the tools you want and the support you need to get connected.